Asia’s most impactful women’s health event, Femtech Fes!, welcomes over 5,000 attendees in Tokyo

fermata Inc. (headquartered in Minato-ku, Tokyo; Amina Sugimoto, CEO; hereinafter "fermata") held "Femtech Fes!” at Academy Hills, Roppongi, for three days from February 9 (Fri.) to 11 (Sun.), 2024. The event showcased 200+ femtech products from 23 countries and 5 regions, and welcomed Ida Tin, the creator of the term “femtech”, for the first time in Japan. 

Marking the fourth iteration of the event, Femtech Fes! united a diverse array of stakeholders, including consumers, businesses, medical professionals, and government agencies, to foster innovation in women’s health. Over 200 products and services hailing from 23 countries and 5 regions were exhibited at this unparalleled and global event. 44 representatives of international companies, partners and media specialising in femtech gathered in Tokyo for this occasion to understand the needs of consumers in Asia, as well as to explore opportunities for business expansion in the Japanese market. 

Among these entrepreneurs was Ida Tin, co-founder, former CEO, and current chairwoman of the board of Clue, an app specializing in menstrual cycle management. Known for coining the term "Femtech" around 2015, Ida Tin, on her inaugural visit to Japan, shared insights into her entrepreneurial journey, motivations, and market vision, fostering meaningful exchanges with many local and global stakeholders.

(from top left: Lindsay Davis, Femtech Association of Asia; Ikue Valoviltra, Popit Ltd; Isabelle Guenou, theblood; Jessica Karr, Coyote Ventures, Timo Heikilla, Popit Ltd; Ida Tin, Clue; Ethan Haigh, Kegg; Gloria Kolb, Elitone; Penelope Finnie, Egal Pads Inc.; Stephanie Schull, Kegelbell; Sastya Wardani, Sheplans Life Solutions; Laura Yecies, Bone Health Technologies; Muna Daud, FlowSense; Ana Cachau-Hansgardh, Solestim; Amy Beckley, Proov; Sooyeon Lee, Cozy Leaf; Loulia Kassem, REA Diagnostics; Eran Steinberg, Emblem; Samantha Yuen, LELO; Anna Haotanto, Zora Health; Kathrin Folkendt, Femtech Insider; Amina Sugimoto, fermata Inc; Selina Jakumeit, Cyscover)

(left photo, in order from left to right: Ida Tin, CLUE and Amina Sugimoto, fermata Inc.)

The venue was divided into two areas: in Area 1: Explore the Tip of the Iceberg, products and services already available in Japan took the spotlight while in Area 2: Dive Below the Surface showcased a curated space leveraging fermata's global relationships with femtech companies, featuring the latest offerings from around the world.

In Area 1, approximately 60 Japanese companies presented their products and services. The three venues were buzzing with excitement as attendees had the unique opportunity to interact directly with business leaders and product developers, gaining insights into the passion behind each product and making on-the-spot purchases.

In Area 2, we delved into the origins of the femtech market, explored what scientific progress is possible with the collection of biodata and AI, and posed questions regarding the current issues surrounding  regulations of women’s health products. The femtech solutions showcased in this section included innovations such as rolls of sanitary pads available in the form of toilet paper to tackle menstrual poverty, and a device aiding visually impaired individuals in identifying menstrual blood. Visitors were able to touch the products, and even speak with the entrepreneurs directly about the inspiration behind developing these innovative solutions.


Towards the end of the route, a dedicated workshop space allowed visitors to express their thoughts and emotions from the exhibition through words, drawings, and crafts. This initiative was in direct response to the feedback received from attendees of the previous event, held during the COVID-19 pandemic, who sought an immediate outlet to express their reactions. Visitors were prompted to share their feelings and insights across nine thematic areas, such as "Let's think of FemTechs that may be needed in specific occupations" and "Let's write down our wishes to be connected to the next generation."

A visitor who recently discovered femtech expressed, "I believe this is an opportune time because numerous products have emerged that address taboo subjects directly, making women more comfortable. My daughter recently had a baby boy, and I hope that by the time my grandchildren grow up, there will be efforts to foster mutual understanding, allowing everyone to live comfortably." She emphasized her wish for a future where people strive to understand each other and live harmoniously.

Another attendee, who participated in a previous Femtech Fes! events and leads a DE&I project at her workplace, shared, "The event was even more exciting this year with an expanded scale. In my workplace, I've witnessed individuals forgoing promotions after putting in hard work, citing that they are unsuitable for managerial roles due to menopausal symptoms. I pondered on the absence of menopause leave when there is provision for menstrual leave and parental leave." The participant reflected on the norms in contemporary Japan and the systems often taken for granted.

To ensure that all participants were able to enjoy the event, privacy protection measures, such as stickers with designations for consent regarding photography and filming, were introduced. Additionally, a nursery was set up at the venue in collaboration with Mothers, Inc. as a direct response to previous years’ feedback from attendees with young children who wished to attend Femtech Fes!

Regarding Privacy:

Considering the intimate nature of the content presented at this event, which is closely tied to the well-being of individuals, we prioritized and respected the privacy of all attendees. For this year's event, we implemented a system enabling visitors to express their preference regarding being photographed. This was facilitated through the color-coded stickers on the neck straps attached to the event information booklets.

What is “Femtech Fes!”?
Femtech Fes! is an event that brings together all stakeholders in the femtech landscape, including not only the general public and those involved in healthcare, but also business-related organizations, educational institutions, as well as government ministries and agencies. The exhibition is not limited to products currently on the market in Japan, but also includes products under development or on the market overseas, allowing visitors to see femtech from a broader perspective.
In order to create a society where all can live comfortably, we provide Femtech Fes! as a platform for attendees to first question societal norms from various perspectives. We aim to then create opportunities for people to take the second step towards creating a new world. The first event was held in 2019, the year of fermata Inc.'s establishment, when the term "femtech" was still unknown in Japan. The number of visitors has increased each time, from 1,400 to 2,900 to 5,100, with each event unveiling new discoveries and enthusiasm.

Overview of Femtech Fes! 2024
Event name: Femtech Fes! 2024
Date: February 9 (Fri.), 10 (Sat.), 11 (Sun.), 2024
Location: Roppongi Academy Hills, Roppongi Hills Mori Tower 49F, 6-10-1 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Admission: Free
Hosted by: The Femtech Fes! Executive Committee
Endorsed by: Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry; Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare; Japan International Cooperation Agency; Embassy of the United States of America; Embassy of the Netherlands; Embassy of Spain; Embassy of Nicaragua; DWIH Tokyo; Embassy of Singapore; Swissnex; Tokyo Metropolitan Government; JOICFP; New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO)

About fermata inc. With the vision of "transforming taboos into triumphs," fermata provides solutions for health issues that still tend to be regarded as taboo in order to create a world where not only women but everyone can live comfortably. We aim to accelerate the expansion of the femtech market in Japan and around the world by creating a platform for women to share their concerns about their bodies, and providing products from around the world that will help solve wellness issues.

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